Slim Narrow Boys Ortho Sandals | Closed Toe Ankle High

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Brand: Bopy

Product Code: Kuran Blue

Slim feet high top sandals for a for a new walker or toddler boy.
They fit perfectly regural feet to slimmer narrow.
Heel ankle support as it should be for little walker.
Toddler flat footed best sandals with actual arches present
Best quality leather used in navy color with blue accent.
High arches present, will not sweat in those sandals ever.
High back support needed for children who do pronate.
Those are appropriate well made shoes for a toddler with good support.
This is a type of sandal that every child needs so their feet will form correctly
They also prevent many orthopedic issues and correct them
Those cute sandals are made in France and have all the features of orthopedic support.
Issues as weak ankles, flat feet, ankle pronation, bow legs, pigeon toes
That is a purpose of those cute shoes to correctly form and support kids feet.
Therefore avoid cheap none supportive shoes at all cost.
They deform kid feet - noting else.
Shoes manufactured in China are not orthopedic and all they do is deform and destroy kids feet and posture.
Only original shoes manufactured in Europe are orthopedic.

Ankle high supportive boys sandals

Sturdy ankle supportive sandals


Kelly from Wyoming  -  18/02/2023

My son has narrow feet and those worked out so good that I am amazed that they even make such slim sandals. Thank you for recommending them to us. I also like the sneakers we got they also for narrow feet. I will be back - this was easy process, impossible to find narrow shoes for my son.

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