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Slip on brown loafers for child

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  • Slip on shoes for children from Europe
    Lovely brown loafers for girls that are designed to stay on kids feet.
    The heel is cut appropriately so when they walk they do not loose those shoes walking
    They look normal on and heel stays in the shoe.
    Fantastic Italian shoe made in Italy out of brown leather.
    Due to design they stay on girls feet and does not slip off
    Heel is supported in them so foot stays in a packet.
    They slide easy on and off for children
    They feature it all what supportive shoes for kids shoes offer.
    Profiled soles, good arch support, soft soles
    Truly great daily shoes for girls.
    Great to wear to school, or casual for daily wear.
    Proper shoes manufactured in Europe that actually benefit kids feet
    Shoes that come from Europe are actually only orthopedic ones
    Therefore reject cheap shoes manufactured in China as they are the cause of all orthopedic problems kids experience.
    Every orthopedic doctor from Europe confirm that.

    Pronation best girls shoes with high back loafers

    Italian loafers for girls with support


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    Nancy 2014-06-14 12:50:09

    Great shoes with profiled soles. Made in Italia so they are great...