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Slippers for a child with arch support

Great to wear around the house or daycare
Made in Europe out of quality canvas with hearths. 
Velcro close and none sweat soles present.
Flat feet best supportive slippers that every child wears in Europe
Soles in those house shoes never turn yellow, they are made out of special rubber that keeps them white at all times.
Children in Europe wear them all the time since they provide optimal support for growing feet.
Ankle support best house shoes for kids developed for kids by orthopedic doctor over 25 years ago.
Over the years improvements were made but support to kids feet reminded constant.
Even slippers in Europe for kids are supportive.
No flat shoes with zero purpose are sold or manufactured.
Children need best support shoes to be worn all the time - house shoes included.
Healthy Foot Mark on those slippers like on all house shoes for kids and shoes.
Footwear is controlled by Orthopedic Ministry of Health so no cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe.
It is done on purpose since quality shoes and house shoes will protect your kids feet and prevent all orthopedic problems.

House shoes for kids with good arch inside

Pink slippers for girls with arche


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