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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Shark Gray

Slippers for a boys with high arches

Best kids slippers with good arches
Arches are added to the sole of the slipper and contoured to the foot.
Leather lining goes on top of the slipper
Rubber is a supportive material thus foot will be supported at all times as it never goes flat.
Those slippers have reinforced ankle support as well since heel is overlapsing the ankle.
When child walks their ankles will not collapse and turn.
Idea is to keep them aligned in a packet of the slippers so they stay in straight supported position.
Wear those slippers as an extra to leather supportive shoe to align the ankles.
Made out of gray canvas material featuring a shark.
Close with a fully adjustable double velcro.
Orthopedic leather antibacterial innersoles with great arch support.
Flexible white breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
Slippers/canvas shoe could be worn inside the house, daycare or in a sunny weather.
Those slippers/canvas shoes are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe.
The white sole will not turn yellow during wear, it will stay white as purchased.

Best kids slippers with good arch

Daycare slippers for a child with high arches


Miriam NY - 04/11/2019

Great slippers for a child. They are light, have support, traction and non marking sole. My son wears them non stop in a house since they are comfy and well made. Amazingly soles did not turned yellow, as I taught they would so the company did made them well. Nice, neet and clean during wear. Antibacterial innersoles in them so no smelly feet either.

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