Boys leather sneakers best for wide feet and high instep

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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Limek Navy

Sneakers for boys best for wide feet and high instep.
Not only that they are the best orthopedic, sturdy shoes that you can buy for a boy.
The leather on them is a bit stiff but they will loosen up over time.
Leather expands about 30% so they will adjust nicely on boys feet.
Orthopedic high arch sneakers for a boy.
Foot forming best with proper ankle and sturdy heel support.
Kids need ankle support so the shoes cannot be soft in the heel
They have to be sturdy, supportive and not bent in the back.
That keeps ankles elevated and supported.
Flat foot best leather shoes for boys since orthopedic arches are build into the soles.
Basically the sole is contoured to reflect arch support since rubber never goes flat.
This is the latest technology from Europe that was invented by Italians back in 2005
They experimented with soles and decided to add arch into the sole instead of lining of the shoe.
The results were far better then with interior lining since leather is a soft pliable material.
Made out navy/lime leather.
Accented with lights that you can easily turn off and on with a button.
Perfect quality sneakers for a child.
Those are proper orthopedic shoes for a child.
They have it all - arches, heel support, none sweat soles and all.

Orthopedic high arch shoes for a boy

Flat foot best leather sneakers for boys


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