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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Hanzo Brown

Sneakers for girls child with weak ankles

Sneakers for child with weak ankles
Ankle supportive and does not bend in the back when child is walking
It is very important for weak pronated ankles.
Arches are added to the sole of the sneaker
They are orthopedic sneakers.
Combo of brown smooth leather with small hint of nubuck leather.
Best to wear them as daily shoe for a toddler for Fall.
Proper high tops for a new walking child.
True sneakers with arch added to the soles, they are not flat at all.
None sweat soles present so no stinky feet in those, even if worn barefoot.
They have biomechanical soles that are added for perfect ankle support.
None sweat soles inside with antibacterial lining.
Great ankle support preventive for pronation.

Orthopedic sneakers for boy

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