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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Apra White

White sneakers for child with weak ankles

Quality sneakers for weak ankles for a child.
Notice reinforced heel support that keeps feet straight and aligned.
They are not soft in the back, they cannot be since child will pronate in them if they are not sturdy.

Arch support contoured into the sole of the model.
It is latest technology that was invented by Italians
Arch is contoured into the sole of every shoe model in Europe now.
Lining goes on top of the innersole for comfort.

Best quality running shoes for kids with support

Antibacterial innersoles inside.

Made out of white and blue leather.

Velcro closure.
Soles are sprayed with blue tint to protect them from dirt
That way they never show any wear since blue tint covers them completely.

Those lovely sneakers have all the features of proper sneaker for a child.

No flat shoes are ever produced in Europe they always orthopedic

Since shoes form and shape kids feet.

It is important that child wear only quality shoes as those since they form their feet. 

Child develops orthopedic problems due to the type of shoes she been wearing.
That is why by law children in Europe wear only supportive, well crafted shoes to form their feet and posture. 

Orthopedic leather sneakers for girls

Best quality running shoes for kids with support


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