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Boots for boys in Canada that are waterproof

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Product Code: Grzesio Blue

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  • Snow orthopedic boots for kids in Canada
    Waterproof snow boots for a baby with real wool for boys in Canada.
    Best boots for a new walker for cold Canada winter and deep snow.
    Blue/navy leather and lined with sympatex and wool.
    Sympatex is a waterproof lining that keeps the water and snow out useful in Canada.
    Wool added inside for comfort and warmth that is needed for cold Canada winters.
    Winter in Europe is long and cold so quality snow boots as those are a must.
    Those boots feature it all - ortho support and proper ankle and foot support.
    No cheap boots are ever produced in Europe due to regulations set by Ministry of Health.
    Children's feet are formed by the shoes they wear so even the snow boots have to be orthopedic and top quality.
    If child wears heavy rubber or cheap snow boots as UGS or Bugs then they end up with deformed feet.
    Good shoes are ultra important for children as they form their feet and posture.
    In Europe no child wears junk shoes and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
    Waterproof and snow proof for a boy to wear entire winter, not just in a snow.
    Child can wear them to school as well since wool is a natural material and they never sweat in them.

    Toddler wide width orthopedic that are waterproof

    Soft ortho boots for a toddler with wool


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    Mom from Canada 2014-12-05 17:05:44

    Sweet Jesus! Phenomenal boots, nothing better then European boots with wool. My son wears them with happy face everyday. Cold in Canada as always to they do sure came handy. I love ordering from you since shoes are always great with support inside. Shoes in Canada cost lots of more money for quality as this. Kids shoes usually around 200 Canadian so go figure - 1/2 price here - a true deal. Thanks, Lacey

    Sheena - Hinsdale, IL 2014-02-08 13:57:02

    Top of the line boots, that wool inside is amazing and colors are beautiful. We had cold winter this year here in Chicago and they came handy! Warm and dry feet all winter long. Thank you. PS. I love this store and I continue to support it, they sell best quality shoes for kids in USA. Cannot buy such quality in any local and on-line stores. They import their own shoes directly from Europe and that is why you getting 100% quality for the price.