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Snow proof ankle top boots
Special boots for kids with flat feet with proper orthopedic support for kids.
No flat boots is ever produced for kids in Europe.
All of them are orthopedic with good ankle and foot support as they form and support kids feet.
Shoes are very important for kids in general.
Whole body posture, feet are supported and formed with footwear they wear.
Stay away from cheap local shoes children wear.
They destroy and deform kids feet over time.
Don't think of shoes as shoes - think like we Europeans do - foot forming product and they have to best quality and truly orthopedic.
We never, ever put junk shoes on our children.
Don't think they grew out of shoes immediately.
If they correctly measured they last entire season - 6-7 months
So only 2 pairs of good shoes for entire season is needed.
No cheap shoes for any child is allowed for sale in Europe.
Those boots are like any European made snow boot - waterproof, orthopedic and not heavy in weight.

Special boots for kids with flat feet

Light in weight snow boots for boy straight from Europe


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