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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Fasa Pink

Child pink walking sneakers with proper support

Foot correction shoes for a child
Great sneakers for girls made by Geox
Soft yet supportive sneakers with proper support
They feature ankle support, orthopedic arch and antibacterial soles.
Sneakers that are perfect for gym and daily wear.
Made out of pink and lavender leather mixed with mash material.
Easy slip on style that stays on little feet.
Velcro closure, easy on and off style.
Good support shoes for a new walker properly forming toddlers feet.
Ankle supportive as they should be for children.
Shoes made in Europe are only supportive, orthopedic ones.
Shoes made in China are not supportive, all they do is deform their feet and posture.
Pigeon toes, flat feet, tip toe walking is caused by wearing shoes with zero support.
Correct shoes will form and support toddlers feet and take care of all orthopedic problems.

Foot correction shoes for a child

Ankle support boots for a child


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