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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Rama Silver

Soft new walking baby or toddler silver leather sneakers

Soft new walking baby sneakers.
Toddler tip toe walking corrective soft sneakers for baby
Orthopedic with good arch and flexible soft soles.
Quality baby ankle high tops are a must for a new walking baby.
They form their baby feet, posture, and give proper grip and stability.
High tops that close with side velcros. 
Made out of the best quality silver leather.
Best for baby weak ankles and foot pronation.
Excellent orthopedic arch build into the soft sole of the boot.
Flexible white rubber soft sole.
The softest boot you ever held in your hand!
Great shoe for any season for a baby.
Investing in quality shoe is like paying for healthy feet, good posture and well formed feet and body.
It is all about the shoes folks!
Europeans never ever put garbage shoes on their children, it is a big - no, no...
We invest in good shoes for a child with good orthopedic arch, ankle support from the day they start walking.
We continue with quality shoes through their growing years and by the time child is 15 their feet are formed perfectly.
Feet stop growing at age of 15 so good shoes are a must.
European shoes cost money in Europe and they always did, since labor and quality materials are used.
We pay on average 110 Euro for pair of shoes and that is a money well spent.
Cost much less then doctors visits, orthodics and deformed feet at the end.
Start with good shoes and continue till adulthood.

Orthopedic with good arch and flexible soles from France

Baby Deer sneakers made from silver leather


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