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Soft sole with traction red leather girls snow boots for winter

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  • Soft sole with traction best kids boots for winter
    best kids winter boots for deep snow.
    Red boots for a baby with ankle support
    Lined with Gortex and real wool.
    That makes them waterproof and snow proof for winter.
    Those boots are not heavy for a child - they are weightless and soft for winter.

    That is important as heavy rubber winter boots sold in USA destroy and deform kids feet
    Whole body gait will be shifted when child is walking in those heavy winter boots.
    They are not suitable for kids at all.
    UGS are junk shoes as well - no heel support at all - ankles collapse in them and since the sole is ultra wide with no orthopedic support.
    They are soft in the back of the heel and no orthopedic support.
    It shifts feet inwards over time so child becomes pigeon toed as well.
    They are not waterproof for winter either.
    Well, so how are they benefiting kids feet exactly?
    They deform them to the point or no repair
    Why do you think there is so many children in USA with pigeon toes and ankle pronation?
    The shoes imported from low cost countries are causing feet to deform.
    Kids need only supportive shoes with best ankle and arch support.
    That is why in Europe we do not import or sell junk shoes with zero support.
    Every child in any European country wears only supportive winter boots.
    No cheap soft shoes or boots for winter are ever allowed for sale.
    Winter boots are viewed in Europe as developmental, medical product - not a fashion statement.

    European best kids boots for deep snow

    The boots are totally lined with thick sheep natural wool


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    Cheryl 2014-09-29 13:29:08

    These boots were amazing. The quality of leather is superior to most other boots we have had. The grip on them is fantastic. My child is clumsy, and these boots were great on icy surfaces. I recommend them.

    Caludine - Ottawa, CANADA 2013-08-26 21:15:05

    This boot has such soft leather that you can squeeze them in a ball - literally. I think is a lamb leather because it is impossible for them to be so soft. Wonderful quality - they truly are. Inside they have 1/2 inch thick wool for warmth. I LOVE them so much for my daughter for this winter. We need it as in Canada we always have a long and cold winter. Thank you for wonderful shoes you have been sending for my daughter for 4 years now. Your store is a true pleasure and professional staff is always there to answer any of my questions. Somehow you always point me to the best shoes for my child - they are always better then expected. I have referred you to so many of my friends and I am starting to see your wonderful shoes on their children. Lets hope more business for you!

    Alicia C from Colorado 2012-04-28 14:22:16

    My daughter wore those great boots entire winter and they are the best I ever bought for my child. They are lined with 100% sheep wool inside. She never had wet feet - they kept her feet protected at all times. The leather on those boots is soft like I never seen on any boots before! The sole is very flexible. I honestly will buy this exact brand again for the next winter. After those boots you do not want to buy anything else for Winter.