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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Guven Pink

Sneakers for kids ith soft soles

Soft yet supportive toddler sneakers
Perfect color combination gray/beige/pink leather creates unique look.
Orthopedic heel support present so they keep ankles straight and aligned.
Biomecanical sole present designed in University of Bolognia
Child will not pronate in those cool sneakers
Manufactured in Spain out of quality leather
Orthopedic arches present, antibacterial innersoles
Flat feet best gym shoes for a girl with actual arches and ankle support and stability.
Preventive for ankle pronation in kids since all the sneakers in USA are soft in the back heel.
That is not correct - they have to have ankle support so kids will not develop ankle pronation.
Orthopedic best for weak ankles and pronation supportive,
Biomecanics best brand of sneakers for a child.
Best for daily wear with no socks in a Summer.
Will never sweat in those sneakers, even to wear them barefoot
Special innersoles that absorb smell and sweat inside.
Rubber traction soles that are perfect for a new walker learning to stand and walk.

New walking toddler sneakers

Flat foot best shoes for a toddler


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