Soft walking ankle canvas shoes for toddler

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Fifi Navy

Soft walking canvas shoes for toddler
Orthopedic best ankle supportive canvas walkers.
Can be worn outside in the summer
It is next best orthopedic thing to leather high tops.
All kids in Europe wear them daily since they provide ortho support like leather high tops.
Ankles are supported at all times, they have arches, stable soles and none sweat soles.
Millions of toddlers grew up on those shoes in Europe and end up with perfect feet.
Those house shoes are certified by European board of pediatric and orthopedic society.
That side clip on the canvas secures them all day long and stabilizes the ankles.
Child walks around in those shoes all day long and feet are none smelly, supported and well protected.
Try them kids love to wear them.

Canvas sandals with good arch for a toddler chubby

Good heel support house shoes


Stacy, Laguna Beach  -  23/09/2019

Adorable, flexible with great support. My daughter wears them outside and we switch them between sandals we got from you as well and those little canvas shoes. Love them both....

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