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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Wojas Brown

Flat feet special boys leather ortho shoes

Special leather shoes for flat feet in boys
Teen boys best supportive brown leather shoes.
Great leather used with proper arch and ankle support.
Brown natural smooth leather.
None sweat soles so child can wear them any season and walk with supportive shoes.
Only shoes made in Europe are orthopedic.
That is why we Europeans wear only best shoes as adults and as children.
Adult shoes provide durability and comfort.
Kids shoes provide proper support and assist in foot forming and posture forming.
Children wear them so their feet and posture will form correctly.
USA imports some of the worst shoes possible from China.

Local children have deformed feet and posture due to cheap shoes they do wear.
Almost all of them wear orthodics. Business of orthodics is the biggest in USA
Orthodics will never support or restore child's feet.

Quality leather teen shoe with good arch support

Brown dress shoes for a teen boy with arches


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