Wide width and high instep best for flat feet orthopedic boys boots

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Modor Brown

Special orthopedic boots for boys with flat feet.
Sturdy, ankle supportive with reinforced heel and that is what is needed for pronated ankles.
Best for tip-toe walkers as well since they are stiff and sturdy in the back.
They will hold and support kids feet to perfection.
With time they will align and support child's feet and align them correctly.
Aligning feet takes time so it takes time to destroy them in cheap shoes from China.
Local shoes sold in USA are all made in China and they are not supportive in any way.
Over time they will destroy and deform kids feet causing flat feet, ankle pronation, pigeon toes and tip toe walking.
Parents notices that something is not right with child's feet and searches for orthodics.
Well the reason child's displays all those issues because he was not wearing supportive shoes so his feet deformed.
It is all caused by junk shoes - nothing else.
That is why in Europe footwear manufactured are regulated and required to make local shoes for kids with actual support in them.
The shoes have to be approved by Orthopedic Ministry of Health and have a stamp of approval.
Only then those shoes are allowed for sale in local stores.
That is why in Europe no country waists money on SMO, orthodics, AFO and therapy and doctors visits.
None of that intervention will help if no good shoes on child's feet.
Good shoes are an investment since feet carry a person entire life.
If they are deformed whole body gait will shit and pain begins.
No to mention ugly deformed feet.
Those ankle boots are perfect for that and have best support inside.
Made out of brown leather with a hint of orange leather.
Good arches present in those kids flat foot leather boots
Feet will not smell in those high top special boots due to special anti sweat soles.
Acti fresh innersoles inside to keep little feet dry and smelling great.
Waterproof special top quality boots for little feet.
Absolute best orthopedic special ankle boots that you can buy for your child.
Corrective, orthopedic, medical best special boys boots that you can buy with best ankle support.

Wide feet and high instep boys

Totally waterproof leather boot


Laura, Buffalo Grove, IL  -  30/09/2018

Drove to Hinsdale - 1.5 hours to get shoes for my kids. Got those boots and few other pairs. Wonderful, beautiful and top quality to say the least. They used to had location in The Glen then Wilmette and no store on North Shore. Please open one close to North Side as we need one there. There is so many European people here that will gladly spent for quality shoes for their kids. Shoes shape and mold kids feet so they have to wear quality ones all the time. Unfortunately, no American knows that and that is why they have so many feet issues here.

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