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Special orthopedic boots for kids with flat feet

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Product Code: Laka Fuchsia

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  • Special orthopedic boots for kids with flat feet
    The boots are totally lined with thick sheep natural wool and gortex.
    Waterproof best for a child with ultra light soles.
    Child walk in them well and has great support inside.
    Ankles are supported so child will never pronated in those boots ever.
    None sweat soles present inside, warm of course as they can be for winter.
    Soft soles for a child since no heavy bulky boots should not be worn by a child.
    Heavy snow boots destroy and deform kids feet over time.
    That is how pigeon toes form from heavy bulky snow boots.
    They shift the body gait inwards and how child positions its feet when walking.
    The heavy snow boots sold locally are not good for kids feet - they made out of heavy rubber - too heavy for a child.
    Rubber on the snow boots does not mean they are waterproof.
    In Europe snow boot are lined with gortex or sympatex and wool.
    That makes them totally waterproof and snow proof.

    Waterproof pink snow boots for kids

    Ankle support best boots for a toddler


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    Gina - North Carolina 2013-11-09 14:27:32

    1000 stars or better! Warm and well made European boots for a child. My daughter wears them to school everyday and her feet are warm on the bus. She wears only tights and those boots and she says they are warm and her feet are never wet (even she wore them few times in a rain). I hope they test well through the snow.

    Norma G - Anchorage 2013-10-15 18:15:56

    My God that wool inside is like heaven! Better then UGS (made in China these days by the way and they are not waterproof, still cost $150, great total rip-off). Those boots are wonderful quality and have natural warm sheep wool inside. You cannot find such quality in local stores anymore. I got those boots for my 4 years old and she loves them. They are soft, flexible, pink and well made. I like the wool inside and support - this is type of snow boot that every kid should have since they are perfect for our cold weather here in Alaska.