Special sandals for regural width instep

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Brand: Bopy

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Special sandals for flat feet
Arch support is molded into the sole of the model since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe for children.
This is technology from 1990 that was updated with great success and benefit for all children.
Leather lining is added to the top of the sandal for comfort only, the whole arch support is added to the rubber sole that never goes flat.
Brand is over 100 years old so has the best reputation for truly supportive shoes for children.
Those are lovely perfect sandals for a girl for summer.
Color is great, very neutral and they are like rose metallic going into beige.
They are more beige neutral then rose.

European made girl sandals for any outfit that are made in France.

Notice the cork sole with support that is best for casual daily wear but they could be also for a dress.
They have tiny print with spots on them and there is a flower on the side.
Good arches, none sweat soles and they adjust well on kids foot.

They slide easily on child's foot and close with velcro.

Excellent orthopedic arch support that is needed for children.

Breathable leather innersoles that will assure dry feet.

Leather inside and out.

Flexible off white rubber sole.

Perfect for everyday wear and fancy outfits.

    Orthopedic sandals for toddler with good arches

    European made girl sandals for any outfit.


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