High arches boys special shoes

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Phoenix Gray

Special shoes for kids with arches
Orthopedic best arch shoes for kids
European manufactured out of best leather.
Sturdy mount for best heel support.
Made out of gray, white and lime smooth leather.
Arches foot forming best for boys.
Orthopedic arches are added to the soles since rubber never goes flat.
Italians started orthopedic soles about 15 years ago and then whole shoe industry in Europe followed.
There is no leather bumps in the shoes anymore.
The bump is in contoured into the sole and never goes flat
It is a great improvement to orthopedic shoe technology.
Before the bump got smaller and softer since leather is a soft pliable material
So when child wore such shoes the support was there at the beginning and later during wear it gradually decreased.
That is why arch support is added to the soles now in all European made shoes.
Child will be comfortable wearing them guaranteed.
Anti smell, antibacterial soles in those shoes.
Ortho shoes at its best with reinforced ankle support.
Only Europe makes best shoes for kids.
Orthopedic doctors are involved in production of such shoes.
Shoes for kids are developmental need not a fashion statement.

Top quality healthy shoes for kids

Orthopedic shoes for kids with good arches


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