Special sandals for toe walkers with ankle support

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Special shoes for toe walkers with ankle support
Flat foot best leather walking toe sandals for a baby girl
Medical shoes for flat feet and tip toe walkers
Flat foot best leather special walking toe sandals for a baby girl.
Made out of orange nubuck leather with hint of white.

Decorated with cute flowers on each velcro.

Best for wide/high instep feet, special and supportive ortho toe walkers best summer shoes.
None perspire soles in those toe sandals since toddlers feet perspire about double then adults.
Even if worn in crazy hot temperatures feet will be supported, dry, protected and never smell in them.
That is a guarantee of those special toe sandals.
Good grip soles for running for small toe walkers.
Sturdy ankle support for children's feet that is needed for small children
Ankle toe sandals have to be high, supportive, holding foot in a packet and that is exactly what those special shoes do to kids feet.
It prevents ankle pronation, flat feet, pigeon toes and other orthopedic problems that child will develop if wearing cheap none supportive shoes.
Remember only Europe produces quality, orthopedic shoes that are designed to form and support kids feet.
China does not produces any orthopedic shoes or toe sandals, matter of fact they have no clue how to even manufacture and measure them.
Little walkers as those are expensive in Europe as well but the labor, time and materials that are used in those shoes justifies the cost.
We call them in Europe as special orthopedic shoes for little walkers and every toddler does wears them.
They are great for kids with special needs or autism as well since often they walk on their toes.
They also have sensory issues thus toe walking, don't worry with consistency of those sandals or other orthopedic shoes they will stop and you will be able to correct the condition.
Child can wear open or closed toe sandals but they have to be closed in the back and offer proper ankle support.
Orthopedic arches in them are present and leather is top quality.
Toe, toe, toe, toe, toe walking stop at its best for kids.

Medical shoes for flat feet

Flat foot best leather walking sandals for a baby girl


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