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Ankle high back high top sneakers boys

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Virgola Black

  • SKU: 55689569-1245
  • Tags:  bow legs child shoes

    Special sneakers for a child
    Older child best walking shoes with good arch, heel and best support
    Orthopedic with good arch and profiled soles present.
    Side zipper and laces optional.
    Made out of the best quality black and yellow leather.
    Cool unisex sporty style for a child.
    Ankle boots for kids with doctor special inserts.
    Best for weak ankles and foot pronation.
    Orthopedic arch build into the sole of the boot.
    Great sneaker for any season for a child.
    Proper ortho sneakers for child, any season pretty much.
    Certified by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.

    High tops for kids with support

    Cool orthopedic shoes for kids


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