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Special support light in weight snow boots for kids

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Manufacturer Murek

Product Code: Cytryna Rosen

  • SKU: 55-788
  • Tags:  waterproof and snow proof boots for kids

    Special support snow boots for kids
    Great European made snow boots for child.
    Profiled soles absolute great waterproof boots that you can buy.
    Light in weight - that is very important for any child since boots cannot be heavy and chunky.
    Heavy boots destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
    Pigeon toe and pronation develops instantly.
    Tell us is that normal that boot weight more then child itself? Is that even normal?
    We saw that in the store - kids in heavy rubber boots - HEAVY and boy we asked the parent - is that normal that boots weight more then child itself?
    How is that good for his feet?
    In Europe no such junk boots is ever produced - not acceptable.
    Heavy rubber does not make them waterproof at all.
    It is like bio-hazard for kids feet.
    Snow boots made in Europe are never heavy and clunky since God forbid any manufacturer would come up with anything like that.
    European Ministry of Health will shut them down immediately.
    Shoes for kids are developmental need - not a fashion statement.
    So don't think of kids shoes are for 2 months and that is all.
    Pair of shoes will be good to wear for 5-6 months.
    2 pairs per season are needed and that is what we buy for kids.
    Not a closet full of cheap junky shoes.
    Invest in good shoes for your child - it is so worth it - since one set of feet is given to everyone and they have to be taken care of from young age.
    Child can avoid all orthopedic problems with good shoes only

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