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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Fiodorek Blue

Stable child first walkers for boy by Falcotto

Stable Falcotto quality shoes for toddlers with support
Blue leather lovely quality toddlers shoes.
Practical shoe for everyday wear with soft soles.
It is a perfect cross between a sneaker and shoe.
Dressy plain leather with no designs so it will match just about any outfit.
Absolute best baby quality toddlers quality shoes for proper foot development.
Has it all ankle, arch and posture support best for child.
Those are appropriate quality toddlers quality shoes for a child.
Not crocks, Merels, Keens, UGS - they are all garbage that will deform your kids feet and make more damage then you can even image.
It does not happen right away.
To shape kids feet takes time and to deform it takes time.
Later you notice child end as pigeon toes, pronated with collapsed ankles.
What you think it is causing all that?
Cheap shoes from China with zero support.
Therefore invest in good quality toddlers shoes as Falcotto for your toddler.
Best quality shoes for children come from Europe not China.
Europeans manufacture only quality toddlers shoes since they view them as developmental need for a child.
It is not a fashion statement in any way.
It is best to buy 2 pairs of good quality toddlers quality shoes per season then few low quality toddlers shoes ones.
Good quality shoes form and support kids feet forming them into healthy feet.

Falcotto child blue ankle shoes

Excellent orthopedic arch support


Lilly D  -  03/10/2020

Soft and good baby shoes, very good, price a bit high but very good.

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