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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Misio Gray/Pink

Stable walking pink slippers for baby

Stable walking slippers for baby.
Wide foot and high instep stable baby shoes with arches
Special foot forming stable house shoes for kids
Boiled wool quality orthopedic and made in Spain.
Closes with a side velcro that secures stable slippers. 
No sweat feet in those stable orthopedic slippers
Good arch inside and stable heel for ankle pronation.
Pink rubber stable soles with traction that are stable and allow child to walk comfortably.
Perfect for indoor stable house shoes for toddlers
Since 1969 millions of kids grew up on those stable slippers since we wore them at home in Europe.
They are ultimate best with stable support next to leather high top but for the house or daycare.
No flat stable footwear is produced ever in Europe and there is a reason for that.
Slippers shape and form kids feet, same as the shoes so only the best kind are suitable.
We walk barefoot on the sand, beach where foot actually contours to ground.
How does it happen on flat wooden floor, tile, carpet?
It does not - feet are not supported so those stable slippers were invented by orthopedic doctor in Europe and then been doing a job for 35 years now.

Boiled wool quality slippers for toddlers from Spain

Wide foot and high instep baby shoes with arches


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