Start up walking house shoes for girls with ortho support

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Iglo gray

Start up walking house shoes for kids with ortho support.
House shoes recommended by every pediatrician in Europe
Ankle supportive, orthopedic with heel support.
House shoes with stable soles and heel support
Made out of gray and pink polka dot canvas.
Velcro close.
Proper arches added to the soles of the model.
Reinforced ankle support that is needed for new walkers.
No flat house shoes are ever produced in Europe.
Even house shoes are are important for new walkers as they form and support kids feet.

House shoes recommended by every pediatrician in Europe

House shoes with stable soles and heel support


Janice from Arizona  -  26/03/2017

My baby learned to walk in those wonder shoes. They are soft yet very supportive with good arch inside. My daughter was holding around the coffee table when I got them and she was afraid to take any steps along. Well, I put those shoes on and after few days she begun to walk stable in those shoes. Those house shoes gave her foot stability, security and ankle support so that is what caused her to take first steps with confidence. My husband could not believe it since she is 14 months old and should be walking by now. Honestly she walks so well now that I am shocked as my local theraphist said she will have long way to go with walking. No true - those shoes did it. Honestly I am so glad I have called you since you described those shoes and other shoes she needs. High top ankle supportive shoes with good arches to provide maximum stability and balance for kids. Honestly local pediatricians does not know nothing about shoes here - they just charge you for appointments and therapy and instead recommend good shoes. I cannot buy them locally of course since every product here is low quality and made in China. What world are we living here in US....honestly.

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