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Sturdy heel support boots for kids, designed and manufactured by best company that specialized only in ortho shoes. Great boots that will withstand bad weather and rain. Corrective best leather high tops for girls.

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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Begonia Fuschia

Ankle supportive boots for girls orthopedic

Sturdy heel support boots for kids
Ankle supportive best true ortho boots for kids.
Arches, heel support ankle alignment best.
Designed and manufactured by best company that specialized only in ortho shoes.
None smell and sweat soles.
Fuchsia leather baby boots
Proper heel support, stable soles for walking
Ortho pediatric boots
Fuchsia/brown smooth natural leather.
Decorated with colorful hearts.
Great boots that will withstand bad weather and rain.
Corrective best leather high tops for girls.
You can only form kids feet with good supportive shoes as those.
Those belive US doctors and pediatricians that kids feet will correct on their own.
Absolutely they will not - child will remain pigeon toed and pronated in a long run and will never outgrown the condition.
Those shoes that Europeans made act act as orthodics and they are designed to form their feet, thus every child in Europe wears them for proper support and alignment.
We do not buy nor wear any shoes made in low cost coutries
They are made out of cheap leathers, no support, no ankle support and no orthopedic arch so how are they appropriate for growing and forming feet?
Avoid shoes made in China they are simply the worst for your kids feet.
UGS, Crocks, Keens, Bugs and other garbage created is deforming your child's feet and once feet are deformed the whole posture and feet are affected in adulthood.
Take advice from European doctors - we use the quality shoes as those to form kids feet, not orthodics and AFO's.

Proper heel support, stable soles for walking

Excellent soft leather used with heart decoration


Laria - Mt. Prospect, IL - 27/01/2020

I love those beautiful boots! They are so cute and well well made. The arch support inside is fabulous and they are flexible at the sole. Great heel support and quality all in one. It was my first order and will not be the last since I got 100% quality shoes as I remember we had in Europe. In Serbia we have a know brand Ciciban and they are as good as this brand - both of them are my favorite brands.

Ekaterina - 11/04/2017

I love it!!! They are so soft and fit very well!!! Quality is amazing!!!!! I am highly recommend!!!!

Vivian C - Las Vegas - 04/02/2017

Adorable and well made! I got them for my baby who had walking problems. I was told by pediatric doctor and local orthopedic doctor to buy her only quality shoes as they shape kids feet the right way. She might need orthodics but later after she is 3 years old, so I searched for quality shoes locally since I wanted to see how the baby would walk in them. No shoes of such caliber are available in Las Vegas - no stores with quality shoes for kids only. So I did searched online and I called those folks. They were so helpful and measured the shoes for me so and their suggestions were perfect. I got those boots and pair of slippers with great support inside. The size was perfect with some growing room to go.I am so pleased with those boots - they are beautiful, great support, flexible and arch support is clearly visible. I will be your client till my girl grows up. She walks so well in them and they give her stability.

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