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Sturdy leather sneakers for your child

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Brands Garvalin

Product Code: Grizio Yellow

  • SKU: 88-45
  • Sturdy, supportive leather sneakers for your child.
    We love them...coolest shoes we seen lately.
    Hand made in Spain out of top quality leather with best orthopedic support.
    Ankle high, sturdy heel, reinforced ankle support.
    Yellow in color with blue, navy, and gray stripes.
    Child will stop tiptoe and pronation walk in toddler over time.
    The back is stiff and will not bend when they walking to stop pronation.
    Best ortho tiptoe sneakers for a toddler that you can buy to stop tiptoe walking.
    Those type of shoes will correctly form and support your baby's feet and correctly align their feet and stop tiptoe walking.
    If they tiptoe walk, pronation or have flat feet those shoes will stop provide needed support.
    Toddler feet are formed by shoes they wear and that is why it is important that they are best quality.
    In Europe every footwear brand is required to make orthopedic shoes for toddler.
    They are regulated by European Ministry of Health - and guidelines are set.
    Europeans do not spent money on orthodics and doctors visits.
    They spent money on toddler shoes from the day they start to walk.
    All the orthopedic conditions are easily corrected with good supportive shoes as those - they stop tiptoe, pigeon toes, ankle pronation and form toddler foot.
    They stop and prevent tiptoe walking and pronation.
    European made shoes are designed to form and shape kids feet giving proper ortho development.
    Tiptoe walking in toddler starts due to tight ankle joins and if proper shoes are worn they will align and stop tiptoe walking and prevent pronation.
    Please Note: this model run small so order one size up.

    Great child sneakers from Spain

    Orthopedic best walking sneakers for child


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