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Summer silver sneakers for girls best for orthodics

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Manufacturer Bopi

Product Code: Paris Silver

  • SKU: 784512478
  • Summer shoes for girls good for orthodics
    Yes, they will fit orthodics easily inside the model
    They are deep enough in the back to hold them.
    The shoes have orthopedic support inside added to the sole already
    None sweat soles and proper ankle support.
    They are great to wear in any season and we sell them to wear barefoot for summer
    Lovely sneakers for girls.
    They have laces for decoration mainly, open and close with side zipper.
    Durable, you can beat them to death literally during constant wear.
    Will not scuff at all due to frontal rubber on the sole.
    Quality shoes made in France for girls and always orthopedic ones.
    Decorated with silver butterfly print and on the top quality leather.
    They are proper sneakers for a child with actual support.
    Avoid any cheap shoe imitations for kids such as crocks, keens, merells, any cheap sneakers - they are worst for kids feet to wear.
    Reason is they feature no support of any kind and they will destroy your child's feet and posture.
    China has no clue what orthopedic shoe even is and how manufacture them.
    To make shoes as those best leather is used, foot measurements are taken, orthopedic support added, workers who makes them gets paid living wages.
    No chemicals are used to process the leather so they do not smell and they are safe for kids.
    Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes for entire season.
    Quality shoes will provide needed support that growing feet does need.
    Ankle supportive and does not bend in the back when child is walking
    It is very important for weak pronated ankles.
    Arches are added to the sole of the sneaker and sole is contoured with arch support.
    Leather lining goes on the top and reason being since rubber sole will never go flat and always support child's foot to perfection.
    They are orthopedic sneakers genuine made in France for kids.
    Best to wear them for gym or any activity child might perform.
    True sneakers with arch added to the soles, they are not flat at all.
    None sweat soles present so no stinky feet in those, even if worn barefoot.

    Silver leather arched sneakers for kids

    Flat foot support shoes for children


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