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Supinaton best girls shoes

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Mondia Navy

  • SKU: 55-565
  • Supinaton best girls shoes.
    Overpronation ankle support girls shoes
    Corrective, yes quality shoes with proper heel support for pronation.
    Did you know that supination is caused by wearing cheap shoes with no support?
    Keens, Crocks, cheap flip flops, UGS, cheap sneakers any shoe you name made in China.
    Child should never wear such low grade shoes since they need foot support with good arches.
    If cheap shoes are worn then they end up with deformed pronated feet.
    We in Europe never place none supportive shoes on our children.
    They have to be supportive with arches and have proper ankle support.
    No shoes from China are even allowed for sale any European country.
    The reason is they will destroy kids feet so Ministry of Health decided that local shoes needs to be made and sold.
    Besides we keep our workers employed and quality is kept in all the products made.
    Only shoes that comes from Europe are orthopedic so choose quality shoes for your child to avoid more orthopedic problems.
    If feet are destroyed then entire body and posture is affected and that stays with a person entire life.

    Overpronation ankle support girls shoes

    Proper shoes for foot forming in kids


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