Tall for snow and warm with real wool inside

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Brand: Murek

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Tall for snow and warm with real wool inside
Adorable and very light snow tall wool boots for your child for walking in a deep snow.
Navy and orange tall above the ankles, just below the knee best quality leather.
Light in weight for proper foot position when toddler is walking.
Lined with real sheep wool and waterproof Tempor underlining.
Wool is a natural material so feet will be warm, dry and protected.
Avoid heavy tall rubber snow tall boots like Sorrel, Bugs brand they are heavy, bulky and destroy child's gait when walking.
They made out of heavy, bulky tall rubber that is simply to heavy for a toddler to walk in.
Toddler feet will get deformed over time due to those heavy tall wool boots.
They position their feet straight and then once the boot is heavy then they begun to pigeon toe.
That is a cause of heavy snow tall wool boots.
In Europe no such heavy snow boots are ever produced for any child as they simply not orthopedic and too heavy.
Those snow tall wool boots are like feather - and they have to be like that for toddler to walk comfortably in them
Plus all orthopedic - all in one.
Proper ankle support, tall, wool inside and orthopedic arches added to the sole of the model.
Even snow boots in Europe are supportive and orthopedic as every child needs supportive tall wool boots so their feet and posture develops correctly.
Wear them in a deep snow, they will not leak at all.

Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

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