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Therapeutic sneakers for kids

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Peri Fuschia

  • SKU: 12-12
    • Therapeutic sneakers for kids
    • Flexible walking sneakers for a girl
    • Pink and white leather with high arch support for comfort. 
    • Ankle pronation best, corrective for feet problems child might have.
    • They have all makings of perfect designer ortho shoe.
    • None sweat soles, heel support, good soles
    • Caliber of a sneaker that every child should wear.
    • Kids feet are formed due to shoes they have therefore it is ultra important
    • That they wear only best shoes at all times.
    • If you buy Keens, UGS, local sneakers, garbage Chinese shoes in general
    • You will destroy kids feet.
    • You will see ankles collapsing, pigeon toes, flat feet will develop.
    • It is due to none supportive shoes worn as child.
    • Every doctor will tell you that in Europe
    • Thus we only buy quality shoes for our kids in Europe
    • We encourage local USA parents to invest in kids shoes.
    • You will prevent so many foot problems and posture issues.
    • Read our blog below this page - it shows pictures and describes it all in detail.

    Ankle pronation best and excellent support.

    High arch sneakers for toddlers with weak ankles


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