Sturdy ankle high tops best therapy leather sturdy boots for boys

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Ogi Taupe

Therapy leather shoes for kids
High arch baby walking shoes for first steps
Weak ankles best support shoes kids
Super sturdy shoes with best ankle support with reinforced heel.
That feature alone is needed to prevent ankle pronation.
Only genuine European made shoes offer that feature - not copies of European shoes made in China.
Europeans make only orthopedic shoes with actual support that are healthy and supportive for children feet.
Those shoes are top quality and made out of best leather.
Taupe, orange, sky blue 100% leather color mix.

Good arches and proper heel support
Arches added to the rubber soles like all the high top boots in Europe.
No flat shoes are ever produced in any European country.
Rubber sole is contoured to support child's foot and provide needed arch support.
All the genuine European shoes are manufactured same way since rubber sole never goes flat.
Before 1990 arches were added into interior lining of the shoe but leather being soft pliable material went flat over time during wear of the shoe.
That was easily resolved in Italy with profiled soles that now every genuine European factory uses in Europe.
Shoes for kids are considered as health product as they form and correct kids feet.
That is why every child in any European country wears only best shoes at all times.
Cheap shoes are not even sold in any European department store.
Low quality shoes will deform your kids feet since they offer no support at all.

Pigeon toe, pronation, tip toe walking and even flat feet (only 5% is genetic) are cause of wearing cheap shoes from China.
USA imports some of the worst shoes for kids from China and that is why children display so many orthopedic problems.
Notice in a park or school - they are pronated and pigeon toed.

That is simply caused by low quality they have bee wearing.
Remember shoes for kids are considered developmental, health product - it is not a fashion statement.
Shoes affect development of their feet, ankles, posture and body gait.

If feet are deformed and destroyed no amount of orthodics, AFO, SMO will help.
There is no therapy for feet either - the orthopedic shoes is the therapy!

Please Note: this style runs small so order size up.

Weak ankles best support shoes kids

Sturdy ankle high tops for children


Santiago from CA  -  02/03/2023

Those been great my son wore them whole winter - I ordered size up as indicated since soles run a bit small but they fit narrow feet well.

Cindy D  -  24/02/2023

Glad I ordered them size bigger as indicated - they do run small. Great shoes - my toddler walks in them well. European made for sure.

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