Thick feet best leather boots for a child

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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Melodia Navy

Best snow boots for your child as they can be
Navy leather decorated with flowers
Zipper on the side and laces optional.

Ankle pronation snow boots for kids with best support
Tiptoe walking preventative footwear for toddlers
Those boots feature it all - made according to ortho standards set in Europe.
They will restore and reinforce kids ankles and posture.
Made in Europe - not China - huge difference - top quality product.
If child is walking around with pronated collapsed ankles, ortho shoes are truly needed.
They support and re-aligns child's feet.
Even winter boots made in Europe are orthopedic since no cheap shoes is ever produced.
When choosing a shoes for child - ask yourself following.
Does it offers arch support
Does it supports the ankles
Is it made out of leather or ankle supportive canvas
Does feet will sweat in those shoes
If all those come to none - don't buy it.
The shoe will cause more damage to child's feet then you can even dream of.
Cheap shoes destroy kids body, gait, and ankles.
Popular snow boots that kids wear around are not supportive.
Look at images what they will do do your kids feet.
They shot the feet and causing pigeon toes and collapsed ankles.
Heavy rubber snow boots are the worst - how is that heavy, heavy boot be beneficial to child's feet
The boots weight more then the kids themselves in many instances
How is that not affecting child's body gait.
Remember 99% of orthopedic problems are caused by junk shoes.
Nothing else.
Every European doctor and pediatrician will tell you that.
Europe does not run a business of orthodics like in USA
We buy good shoes for kids and we pay money for it.
From baby to teen years and child ends with well formed feet and good posture.
We buy only 2 pairs of good shoes a season - season meaning 6 months.
Shoes made in China are not orthoedic in any way
They destroy your kids feet. - all of them sold in USA.
Those boots below are clear example of quality snow boots.
Navy leather decorated with flowers.
Great arches inside.
Wool and gortex waterproof material lined.
None smell soles present.

Tiptoe walking preventative footwear for toddlers

Wool lined inside for cold winter


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