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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Goric Turquoise

Tip toe stop walking blue leather boots for boys

Tip toe stop walking leather boots for boys
Sturdy with supportive heel for a child with pronation preventive packet.
Stable heel, orthopedic with actual support for a child.
Arches, orthopedic support with good innersoles.
European made boots for a boy.
Turquoise and blue leather inside and out.
Sturdy high arch best quality boots for kids with good ankle support.
Pronation best high arch shoes for kids .
Good arches, heel support and none sweat soles.
Good arches present like in any European orthopedic boot since no flat shoes are ever produced in Europe.
Quality ankle high waterproof boots for a toddler and antibacterial innersoles.
Wearing such shoes overtime restores kids feet and posture.
Only kind of shoes we place on kids feet in Europe and we end up with well formed feet when adults.
Avoid shoes made in China, they deform and destroy your child's feet and posture.
In Europe no child wears cheap shoes thus they have well formed feet and posture.
Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes for entire season for rotation.

Sturdy high arch best quality boots for kids

Heel supportive boys shoes with arches


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