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For kids who tip toe walk finding the right tip toe correction shoes is essential. European kids shoes to stop tip toe walking since they provide optimal support. Many toddlers suffer from this condition. Tip toe walking shoes for babies refers to a walking pattern in which a child walks on the balls of their feet and there is no contact between the heels and the ground. Most children begin walking at 12 to 15 months of age. When children start to learn walking, they try different foot positions, and walking on their toes may be part of this learning. They would continuously walk on their toes, but this habit usually disappears when child wears supportive shoes by the age of three. However, some kids would experience the problem for a much longer time. This condition could be tied up to an existing medical condition, including, but not limited to child autism, cerebral palsy, and weak ankles in kids disorders. Buy anti tip toe shoes for kids that are ankle high, sturdy and supportive with reinforced ankle support. Wearing such footwear trains the heel to stay down and later permanently stop tip toe walking over time. They are excellent shoes for toddlers with low muscle tone but they cannot be heavy or bulky. Weighted tip toe walking shoes will limit the child comfort and can cause further orthopedic problems. Heavy shoes will shift baby's feet inwards and cause pigeon toes.

When Parent Should be Concerned?

Child walks on toes most of the time, has stiff muscles, walks uncoordinated. Stumbles all the time and walks awkwardly. Has fine motor skills that don’t seem to be developing normally (for example, cant's velcro own shoes) Can’t bear weight on a flat foot. Gradually loses motor skills, has other medical problems. Family history of muscular dystrophy in kids or autism. Born prematurely, recently began to toe walk, avoids eye contact, exhibits repetitive behaviors such as rocking or spinning.
European made shoes for kids are supportive only and they will be sufficient to STOP and correct the condition. Do not accept copies as they do not work in any way for ankle alignment. Stiff boots for toddlers with weak ankles are sturdy with reinforced ankle support. Leather on those shoes is very stiff that loosens a bit when child wears them but they remain sturdy. Do not rotate them with soft shoes or other none orthopedic shoes since you never see any improvement. Whatever sturdy supportive shoe does to the foot (puts the ankles into aligned, straight position), the cheap one deforms it and prolongs the condition further. You will see tip toe walking subside and getting better in those shoes in about 1 year. In 3 years child will walk normal since their feet will re-align into correct position. It is recommended to buy 2 pairs of good sturdy shoes for rotation for whole season. Rotate between orthopedic boots for tippy toes walking only since they provide desired support. Tip toe boots they should last good 5-6 months before you switch to new pairs.