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Toddler boy waterproof boots navy leather with good arches

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Lorenc Navy

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  • Toddler boy winter boots with good arches
    Tall best for deep snow and made with warm wool and gortex mix.
    Tempor is a lining that is added to the sides of the winter boot to make them waterproof.
    Waterproof lining is added into the lining of the snow boots just between leather and wool.
    Arches are added to the sole of the model since 1990 that is how support is added to the shoes.
    Rubber sole never goes flat so entire foot is supported at all times.
    Arches, arches, arches, arches, arches, arches, arches, arches, arches and good rubber sole that has them built into the soles.
    Arches are ultra important for kids feet as they support entire foot and give it balance.
    They certainly are - test them in a snow - you will be blown away with quality.
    Child will have dry feet and comfort in walking is the best as they can be for boy.
    Orthopedic snow boots with arches boots since no other kind is ever produced in Europe.
    Best snow boots with arches or nothing.
    Footwear is regulated for kids in Europe since it is envisioned as medical need for a boy.
    If you destroy boy feet with cheap boots from China with zero support then boy will develop orthopedic problems.
    If you see pigeon toes, ankle pronation, supination in boys it is a cause of low quality winter boots or shoes.
    Shoes sold in USA are all made in China out of low quality materials with zero arches or any kind of support.
    They do not feature any foot support so kids feet end up being deformed over time and you notice they are pigeon toed or pronated.
    The reason we buy those shoes or boots for boy in Europe is to prevent orthopedic problems and restore kids feet over time.
    Stay away from any boots from China - they cause more damage to kids feet then you can imagine.
    They will shot and deform kids feet and body gait - not to mention flat feet since they have no arches.
    Just look around in your school, park, mall or daycare - do you see kids with pigeon toes and collapsed ankles?
    That is all cause of cheap shoes or boots with zero support - since feet are formed by boots or shoes boy wears.
    We never, ever put garbage boots on our children in Europe - NEVER!
    Our medicine in Europe is not for profit - thus common sense takes priority over profits.
    It is best to get best shoes or boots for boy to avoid any orthopedic problems.
    Those snow winter boots with arches are part of that group - orthopedic, light in weight, supportive, warm, waterproof and NOT MADE IN CHINA.

    Tall best for deep snow and made with warm wool inside

    Quality European made boots for a child


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