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Product Code: Dukis Gray

Toddler Shoes Arch Support | Boys Wide High Instep Feet

Orthopedic best foot developmental orthopedic

High arch high instep for pronated ankles

Toddler shoes with arch support
Best for
high instep feet and high instep toddler.
Wide toe box on that handsome shoe.
Arches orthopedic support present that is needed for every child since their feet are growing and forming.
Orthopedic support
shoes that every child wears in Europe since shoes for kids in Europe is regulated.
Healthy Footmark regulates every brand that manufactures children shoes.
They have to be made locally in Europe and with proper ankle and arch support.
No cheap shoes from China or low cost countries are ever sold in Europe
Shoes are envisioned as
developmental need that affects child's feet, posture, spine
Produced from gray and red leather and supportive gray arch soles.
Double closure and hook on velcro fashion.
Sneakers with support for toddler to correct kids ft for
pronated, weak ankles ankles.
Sturdy help heel with built in leather back help for toddler.
Those arch support sneakers will not bent or fold in the back keeping ankles
straight and supporting posture.
Will preserve foot in a place in a packet.
Quality leather-based used so toddler shoes.
Precise strong soles for on foot with orthopedic arches present in a soles.
Original made in Europe excellent
Children ft are shaped and formed by type of shoes they wear so first-rate satisfactory ones are wanted.
Cheap sneakers with zero help deform and spoil kids ft and posture.
Child can skip all orthopedic problems with satisfactory shoes as the ones.
That's what we do in Europe - we buy and wear fine shoes always and we grow up with nicely fashioned ft and properly posture.

Shoes form kids feet while they are growing and their feet are forming and changing.
That is why it is important to invest in supportive orthopedic shoes when children are young to prevent any foot problems.


Jasmine Orin  -  02/01/2020

Very good leather shoes for my 5 years old. Good arch, ankle support and top, top quality. Best sneakers I ever bought matter of fact.

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