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Toddler girls ortho corrective sneakers for flat feet

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Basiloc Gray

  • SKU: 45-7894561
  • Toddler sneakers for flat feet
    Regural width toddler sneakers in lovely gray leather.
    Good arch, heel support and needed ankle support.
    Made out of gray, yellow and pink polka dot leather.
    Cold be worn with and without socks.
    Foot forming best ortho sneakers for kid.
    Only quality shoes will shape your child flat feet.
    Junk shoes with no support deform kids flat feet.
    See shoes as investment in your kids flat feet and posture.
    That is what we do in Europe and we have well formed flat feet and good posture.
    It is proven medically that shoes form and support kids growing flat feet.
    That is why European doctors recommend only best shoes with actual orthopedic support to avoid any orthopedic problems.
    Heel support, arch, ankle support in shoes is a must for a child.
    Low quality shoes with no support will cause more damage to kids flat feet then you can even imagine.
    Child is not born with pronated flat feet, pigeon toes or flat feet (5% of flat feet is genetic rest is acquired from wearing none supportive shoes as a child).
    Every orthopedic doctor in Europe will conform that and that is why footwear for kids is regulated
    "Healthy Foot" shoes only are manufactured and sold to the public in Europe no cheap shoes with zero support are allowed.
    We do not import nor sell shoes made in China in any European country.
    China has no idea how to manufacture any quality product and shoes are included.
    Orthopedic shoes means they offer proper support for child's flat feet.
    That regulation makes so easy for any parent to visit any store in Europe and they will walk out with orthopedic supportive shoes for their child since that is the only kind allowed for sale.
    USA has no such regulation and any kind of low quality shoes imported from low cost countries are sold.
    That is why kids in USA have such deformed flat feet and orthopedic problems because shoes are so bad here.
    We view shoes in Europe for kids as developmental need not a fashion statement.
    They are made well, manufactured in Europe out of quality materials and all of the are orthopedic as required by European law.

    Gray high arch sneakers for girls with support

    Best arch sneakers for kids


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