Toddler beige shoes with good ankle support

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Salty Brown

Toddler supportive shoes with good ankle alignment
Surely those are - great shoes with reinforced ankle support
Feet will be aligned and support them to perfection.
Heel is reinforced in them so ankle will stay supported at all times.
Did you know that ankle pronation develops from cheap shoes with no structure?
Shoes type of Keens, Crocks, cheap sneakers, UGGS, Merrrels, Nike and other low end shoes from China cause ankle pronation and collapsed feet in your children
China has no clue how to measure, fit nor build support in kids feet.
Their shoes are cheaply made, oversized and have no structure of any kind.
When child wears such cheap shoes their feet will deform over time and you notice that his ankles begun to turn.
It is from the shoes nothing else.
That is why we in Europe never put cheap shoes on our kids feet.
We all know in Europe that cheap shoes destroy kids feet posture, body gait and whole posture structure.
Every European pediatrician and foot doctor will tell you that
In USA there is opposite, cheap shoes are encouraged to wear and allowed to wear and sold
Then medical SMO, AFO are sold to make a profit on your child's misfortune.
We have no such system in Europe.
Good shoes from the day that child starts to walk so there is no need for medical intervention.
Cheap shoes with zero support are not even allowed for sale in Europe
We pay good money for the kids shoes - not orthodics and medical visits or treatments.
Good shoes with good support is a treatment.
So we see quality shoes for a child as an investment that every child does need.
Those little shoes here are perfect cross between a sandal and a shoe.
Could be worn with dressy outfits and also barefoot with no socks as sandals.
They are super shoes with super bomechanical soles that will support your toddler's feet to perfection.
They are beige in color in two tone leather - lovely, dressy, unique and we love them on kids feet for Spring or Summer.

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