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Toddler turned in foot best shoes
Good arch baby walking shoes with arches.
Corrective best leather orthopedic boots for baby with weak ankles.
Proper ortho shoes for your toddler that will restore turned in feet over time.
Just do not rotate with local cheap shoes for kids as you will never see any improvement.
It takes about a year to restore ankles turning in for a child and 3 years to get rid of the condition.
You can only do that with supportive ortho shoes as those.
Avoid shoes from China at all cost, they are the cause of all foot deformation in kids.
We Europeans never ever place cheap shoes with zero support on any baby.
Shoes manufactured in Europe are orthopedic and properly supporting kids feet
They shape and form kids feet and posture correctly
That is why we do not import any shoes made in China to any European country
They are not supportive so they banned from sale in Europe.
Soft beige leather high tops, decorative with flowers.
Elegant, dressy boot for a any baby girl.
Zip close
Fantastic little shoe manufactured in Spain with proper orthopedic support for a toddler. 
They are fabulous shoes to say the least.

Good arch baby walking shoes with arches

Corrective best leather orthopedic boots


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