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Toe shoes kids
Ankle supportive with high arches inside
Proper orthopedic shoes for boys that will develop kids feet and support weak ankles.
None sweat soles
present inside so child will never have wet smelly feet in those shoes.
Those are appropriate shoes for any boy to wear since in Europe only such shoes are produced.
Orthopedic shoes with good support so child will grow up with well formed feet and posture.
No cheap none orthopedic shoes
from China is allowed for sale.
Just ask yourself does rubber shoes as crocks are supportive for your child?
Keens sandals - another example of smelly rubber shoes, are they appropriate for kids to wear to have normal feet?
Or some other junk shoes made in China with zero support?
Actually the effect is opposite they destroy your kids feet and causing orthopedic problems.
That is why in Europe parents do not buy such shoes for kids and they are not even available for sale in any department stores.
Supportive, well made shoes as those are sold only.
They form kids feet correctly so no child is pigeon toed or pronated.
Orthopedic problems are caused by cheap shoes with no support for kids.

Every European Pediatrician
or Orthopedic Doctor will tell you that.
Only in USA doctors claim that shoes does not matter.
We Europeans do not agree with that since we see effects on our own feet and our kids.
If foot is properly shaped and supported from baby to teen it does not deform or shows any signs of orthopedic problems.

Corrective leather shoes for kids with good arch

Support best boys leather shoes for walking


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