Ankle high sandals for boys with weak ankles

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Brand: Remut

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Trainers for pronated feet for kids
High ankle support
sandals for a baby boy with wide feet
High instep for new walkers with stable heel and orthopedic arches.
Made out of blue leather with white/red accent.

Decorated with a anchor on the upper velcro.

High arches best support for a child
Will not give any blisters despite being high top
Tests well even in hottest weather.
Orthopedic best for a toddler with good ankle support and orthopedic arch.
Proper sandals for a toddler that every baby needs to correctly form and support kids feet
None sweat soles present inside so no sweaty smelly feet ever in any European made shoes
Reinforced heel to prevent collapsed ankles in kids
Only sandals that kids in Europe wear and they end up with well formed feet and good posture.
Avoid cheap shoes from China, they are the worst since they are not orthopedic and not supportive.
Kids feet get deformed and destroyed in cheap shoes from China with zero support
It happens gradually, shoe deforms kids feet over time.
That is why in Europe every parent searches for original European made shoes with actual support.

High ankle support sandals for a baby boy

High instep for new walkers with stable heel


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