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Tripping ortho stop kids with good soles

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Manufacturer Murek

Product Code: Mrowka Purple

  • SKU: 78-789456
  • Tripping stop kids shoes
    Stable heel and soles for child that trips on their own feet.
    Ankle support located in the back of the shoe
    It is needed for balance and heel support.
    Orthopedic best high tops that will support stop tripping and reform kids feet over time.
    You immediately notice that child walks in them well.
    Over time tripping and ankle turning inwards will stop.
    Those shoes provide optimal support for small walking and developing feet.
    Weak ankles best and over time they will help child to walk straight
    Their feet will be positioned correctly since feet, posture and body gait will be improved.
    They are purple in color with yellow pink accent.
    Waterproof could be worn in a rainy weather.
    Best for wide high instep soles
    Try them they are fantastic
    Europe produces best shoes for children since no cheap shoes with zero support are not allowed for sale or import.
    They will stop all orthopedic problems and gradually align kids feet into proper position so they are supported at all times.

    Ortho walking tripping stop boots for toddlers

    Soft leather baby walkers with arches


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