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Velcro Orthopedic Sandals for Kids | Good Arch Support

Velcro orthopedic sandals for kids
Corrective boys velcro shoes with good arch and ankle support.
Imported for kids from Serbia by Naturino brand.
True quality summer velcro shoes or sandals for a child.
Perfect cross between a shoe or sandal.
Child can wear them as summer shoe, sneaker or a sandal.
Feet will never sweat in those super velcro shoes as they offer anti sweat special soles.
Those soles absorb sweat from kids feet keeping them dry and protected.
Ankle support best with proper arch support.
Closed back support will prevent pronation and restore foot to healthy condition.
Great to wear barefoot entire Spring and Summer season.
Proper quality shoes for a child with feet problems.
Those shoes are not only for child with orthopedic problems, they are designed to form and support kids feet correctly.
They have all the features of good support that every child does need.
Good arch, ankle support, great leather used, sole measured for actual width of the foot.
Kids in Europe wear only such velcro shoes and they never experience feet problems.
Since they wear quality velcro shoes with good support from the day they start walking till they become teenagers.
Thus European parents do not spent money on orthodics, treatments, AFOs and doctors visits but instead good supportive velcro shoes are recommended on growing and forming foot.
Every pediatrician and foot doctor will confirm that in any country in Europe.
Good shoes on child 24/7 with support that are properly measured and fitted.
No European country imports cheap zero quality velcro shoes from China as they shoot and destroy kids feet in the long run.
The biggest cause of all orthopedic problems in children are cheap shoes from China with zero support.
Just think about it - how does the velcro shoes made out of plastic, or cheap leather that is not correctly measured and fitted could be beneficial for alignment and formation of delicate kids feet?
Why you think they are pronating or pigeon toeing?
Garbage velcro shoes with no support from China- here is the answer so avoid them at all cost.
Every foot doctor will tell you that in Europe as we do not have medicine for profit there.
Besides it has been proven over 80 years by every European orthopedic doctor that velcro shoes form and shape kids feet so it is ultra important to invest in best quality ones.
Best velcro shoes with support are manufactured in Europe these days as US shifted their production to China back in 1980 so most of the products sold are low quality and shoes included.

Ankle sandals for boy with weak ankles

Special soles with orthopedic support


Christina - Miami FL - 21/03/2023

Those fit wide feet well - color is neutral and my baby loves them.

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