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Product Code: Mizio Gray

Walking sandals for boys orthopedic

Walking sandals for boys orthopedic.
Pigeon toe preventive for kids with weak ankles. 
Ankle support with reinforced ankle support that is preventive for pronation.
Sturdy ankle support that every little walkers does need.
Kids feet are formed by type of shoes they wear so orthopedic shoes are must.
Orthopedic arches present in the soles where the sole is orthopedic contoured to kids foot.
Rubber sole never goes flat so when arch support is added there support is there all the time.
No bumps or arches in shoes anymore, they are added to soles now.
This technology was approved by European Ministry of Health.
Antibacterial soles inside that absorb sweat from kids feet.
Gray and blue smooth sheep leather.
High tops for child with pigeon toes and good as prevention shoes
Those shoes correctly form and support kids feet and posture.
Type of a walker that every baby should wear
They will support toddlers feet and promote healthy growth.

Pigeon toe preventive for kids with weak ankles

Excellent orthopedic ankle and arch support


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