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Walking shoes for supination and pronation

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Limer Gray

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    Walking shoes for supination in kids
    Proper ankle support present - absolute best walking shoes. 
    Great rubber soles with a grip for comfortable walking for ankle supination.
    Best for high instep boys with flat feet and week ankles.
    Blue gray nubuck leather.
    Great orthopedic supination sneakers for boys, casual could be worn daily even to school.
    Children need only 2 pairs of good shoes per season to correct supination.
    We in Europe place only quality shoes on our children as they form their feet.
    Shoes are important for kids as they shape their feet.
    Good supination shoes are expensive since they are made well.
    However, don't think they wear them few months and that is not worth it.
    Absolutely not, it is worth it since child is like 7-8 months on average in a pair of shoes. (especially big sizes as babies change them more often)
    Shoes is something we do not save in Europe, actually we spent money on kids good food and shoes.
    Shoes are viewed as need for a child, not a fashion in any way.

    Great orthopedic arch with high

    Foot support best boys shoes


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