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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Kalia White

Ankle supination stop girls ankle leather high sneakers

Walking shoes for supination kids

Supportive walking girls shoes with good arch for ankle supination.

Made in Europe.

White and pink leather decorated with a heart.

Zipper close and laces optional.

Excellent heel present supporting kids ankles to perfection adjusting and stopping supination.

Orthopedic arch support that is needed for children.

Maximum sole flexibility, made of white/pink rubber.

They best leather high tops that you can buy that will stop supination in kids. 

Manufactured by company in Europe that specializes in manufacturing shoes for all orthopedic labs in Europe.

They are leaders in proper orthopedic shoes for kids and produce only medical shoes for children.
They prevent ankle pronation, flat feet, pigeon toes and correct supination.

Those shoes have Healthy Foot Mark certificate issued by European Ministry of Health.

Supportive girls sneakers with good arch from Europe

Leather ankle high, sturdy sneakers for child with pronation


Nancy Dwart, Delaware  -  06/12/2019

Good support in those and leather top quality...very happy with those shoes.

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