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Ankle support baby boys slippers with arches

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Harley Blue

  • SKU: 445785458
  • Walking slippers for a baby with ankle support
    House shoes for toddler with good arch support
    Arch support is added to the sole and contours to the foot.
    None sweat soles are added so child feet will stay cool and dry.
    Notice the sole is raised at the back and that supports ankles to perfection.
    Child will not be pronated in those slippers as they keep ankles and feet aligned into correct position.
    European made slippers/canvas shoe for baby boy.
    Made out of blue plead canvas material featuring a motorcycle.
    Every toddler in Europe wears them for foot support
    They are absolute best and kids love to wear them since comfort is great.
    Best for wide feet and high instep slippers for a toddler with weak ankles for a child.
    They feature ABC of ortho slipper - they do have it all.
    Arches, support, stable soles - the best for your toddler.

    House shoes for toddler with good arch support

    European made canvas shoe for baby boy or girl


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