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Water sandals for girl in gray and pink color

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Manufacturer Garvalin

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    Water sandals for kids with closed toe
    They could be worn as regural sandal as well since they are orthopedic best.
    Leather inside and out with mash material mix so child could wear them in a dirt and water.
    Sandals toe to correct posture in kids by Garvalin brand.
    Closed toe walking sandals for girls with wide feet
    They look like Keens sandals but they constructed totally different stye but far better quality.
    Orthopedic and made with leather and mash material and they actually support child's foot.
    They do not smell either due to special soles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Perfect to wear in a dirt, sand and even water!
    Made in Spain, top quality Garvalin sandals.
    This toe sandal can lots of abuse and torment!
    Made out of gray/pink leather and mash material.
    Feet will not smell in those toe sandals since they feature anti-smell soles.

    Easily can be worn as a causal daily style since they are Garvalin sandals.
    They resemble popular Keen sandals but they are far better quality then Keens.
    They are made out of special breathable material and feature leather orthopedic arches.
    Feet will never smell or perspire in them since they are made out of natural materials not rubber.
    Rubber sandals like Keens are not suitable for children to wear as they smell horribly and destroy kids feet in a process.
    They offer zero orthopedic arch support that every child does need.
    Gray/pink rubber sole.
    Closed toe is practical to wear for a child as their feet are protected at all time.
    They are durable style sandals, perfect for Summer Camps.

    Closed toe walking sandals for girls with wide feet

    Sandals to wear to camps with good support


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