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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Groszek Gray

Leather Spanish sneakers for a boy

High tops baby ankles sneakers with best arch support.
Ankle supportive for a baby with pronated turned in ankles.
Arch support present and none sweat soles present.

The ankles corrective ankles shoes feature flexible, anatomic sole that was designed in Valencia Institute.

Made in Spain out of best quality leather with proper foot and ankles support.
Orthopedic best with proper none sweat arch supported soles.
Absolute best corrective ankles shoes that you can buy for a toddler with feet problems and ankles turning inwards.

Gray/orange/beige in color leather
Superior quality all year round casual sneaker for your child.
Child needs best ankles corrective ankles shoes so feet will develop normally without any orthopedic problems.
Majority of feet problems are caused by cheap none corrective ankles shoes from China with no proper support.
Local sneakers none corrective ankles shoes imported from China and sold to kids in USA are the worst kind that you can buy for a toddler.
They shut, destroy and deform kids feet over time since no appropriate ankles support is found in them.
Shoes have to be made out of quality leather, have fitted soles, good arch, ankles supportive and child have to walk in them well.
Kids feet sweat more then adults so none sweat soles are a must for any child.
We in Europe call them orthopedic ankles shoes but here in USA parents call them corrective.
Yes, they correct kids feet but important fact is to start, keep and continue with quality shoes until child grows up.
That is what we do in Europe - start child with good corrective ankles shoes and keep them in good ankles shoes till they are adults.
Why destroy and deform kids feet with cheap ankles shoes and later try to correct it?
What kind of logic is that?
If child gets to the point of orthodics, pronation, flat feet, pigeon toes - their feet are already destroyed with cheap shoes.
We in Europe, never ever get to that point as we never buy garbage shoes for any child.
They are not allowed for sale even in Europe - good ankles shoes or nothing.
Corrective, corrective, corrective, corrective, corrective, corrective - YES!
Buy good shoes from the start for your child so there is nothing to correct later.

Ankle baby walking sneakers

High tops baby sneakers for kids with support


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